Perfect: The Lyrics - Joe Scholes
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Perfect: The Lyrics


verse 1

Your butt is not as famous in the world

As the butt of Kylie Minogue

And your smile may not be immaculate

Like the smile of Gwyneth Paltrow

But let me say it really

You are perfect to me

verse 2

Let’s be honest your sex talk cannot compare

To the raps of Lil Kim

And your bank account is not as breath taking

As the wealth of J.K. Rolling

But I’m in awe completely

Give my last Euro really

You are perfect to me


Who would I be to complain anyway

I’m no David Beckham after all

Not even Ruud Van Nistelroy

More like a badly drawn Rude Boy

verse 3

You can’t sing like Phyllis Dillon

If anything you sound like Bob

And not that it would really matter

You can’t shoot like Lara Croft

I’m in awe completely

Surrender to you freely

You may not be perfect

But you’re perfect to me

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