Ballerina Valerie: The Lyrics - Joe Scholes
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Ballerina Valerie: The Lyrics

You can find the details about the Making of “Ballerina Valerie” in another post. This one contains purely the lyrics of the song.

Ballerina Valerie

verse 1

You wanted to be someone
You wanted to make it big
Too many dreams to all come true
At least now you got a hit  x2

Soon was plain to both of us
This place couldn’t pin you down
Nowhere to go, no air to breathe
It had to be London town

pre chorus

I did what friends are for
I hired  a bus and I packed the cases
Carried them to the seventh floor
And I haven’t seen you every since love


My Ballerina Valerie
I told you you ccould always call on me
My Ballerina Valerie
I’m the same boy that I used to be

verse 2

I told you you could on me
Whenever you needed someone
My phone stayed silent week after week
The same thing month after month
I tell you I was busy, too
Playing gigs in the local bars
Some day someone late me know
You got a job after passing Ballet class

pre chorus

Now I see you on TV
In this music video
By a guy called Eri Prydz
In a fitness studio


If there ever lived a girl who could wear
Pink eye shadows and highlights in her hair … It was my

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